School mornings can be hectic (to say the least) and trying to get everyone fed before running out the door can be a challenge, especially with the added pressure of breakfast being “the most important meal of the day”. 

I’m here to lower the pressure with some simple breakfast ideas that are nourishing and provide long lasting energy. These require minimal prep, and your kids can do it themselves.

Is breakfast “the most important meal of the day”?

Breakfast is an import meal, as adolescents have gone many, many hours without eating, and the body requires nourishment for energy! However, we need to eat frequently and multiple times a day, so it’s not “the most” important. 

Eating breakfast does boost brain power and keep adolescents alert and able to focus in the morning. It also helps adolescents meet their nutritional needs over the course of the day without feeling out of control in their eating later in the day. 

For these reasons, I strongly encourage adolescents to eat SOMETHING within 30 minutes of waking. It doesn’t have to be a traditional breakfast-style meal, just something containing carbohydrates and fat or protein for sustainable energy. 

No-prep breakfast ideas for kids & teens

Breakfast ideas that are ready to eat in minutes!

  • Microwaved frozen vegetables & eggs: put some frozen (or other pre-chopped) vegetables into a microwave safe dish. Add 1-2 eggs and salt & pepper. Microwave 1-3 minutes 
  • Toast and hummus with vegetables
  • Microwaved sweet potato + tahini (or other nut butter). Clean a sweet potato, microwave for around 8 minutes depending on size. Carefully slice (it’s hot!) and drizzle on tahini
  • Store-bought waffles or pancakes + peanut butter + sliced fruit
  • Cereal & yogurt + fruit
  • Tuna & crackers

Make-ahead breakfast ideas for kids & teens

If you have time the day before for some preparation, you can make a batch of the following to be ready to go in the morning. Each idea takes moments to prepare and make mornings quick and easy!

  • Overnight oats with yogurt & fruit or nuts
  • Breakfast quesadilla in whole grain wrap with cheese, vegetables, and/or beans 
  • Chocolate protein muffins and fruit
  • Baked oatmeal or french toast casserole with sliced fruit 
  • Dinner leftovers 
  • Eggs and vegetables in pasta shells

Grab and go breakfast ideas for kids & teens

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Food eaten on the bus, in carpool, or in school is also “breakfast”.   The goal is for kids to eat something upon waking to give them energy and mental clarity to successfully start their day.

  • Yogurt + banana
  • Instant noodle bowl
  • Pretzels & hummus
  • Cereal, nuts, and dried fruit
  • Hard boiled eggs + baby pepper
  • Granola bar + apple


Combining whole grains or fibre-rich food along with protein or fat provides lasting energy that can help your kids maximize their attention and focus in school.