About Bracha

Healthy eating should be fun, tasty, nourishing, and satisfying. It should not be stressful, time consuming, or guilt-inducing.

As a feeding expert, I help you and your family eat well and stress less. From introducing solid food, to preventing and managing picky eating, supporting childhood growth & development, and fostering positive body image, I’m here to educate, collaborate, and empower you to successfully nourish your family.     

I’m a registered dietitian certified with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. I received my BASc in Nutrition & Food from Ryerson University, and completed a year of training in hospitals and clinics. Some of my favourite foods are jelly beans and cookies, so I know how important it is for all foods to be included in a healthy lifestyle! As a HAES ® (Health At Every Size) practitioner and weight-inclusive dietitian, I believe that “healthy food” is food that feeds the mind, body, and spirit, and encourage you to recognize that your child(ren) are so much more than how they look, and what they weigh.