Feeding adolescents to create a good relationship with food and their body


Hi! I’m Bracha Kopstick, Registered Dietitian specializing in adolescent nutrition and food freedom


Educating and empowering t(w)eens to be nourished free of guilt & shame


Do you ever feel

  • Concerned with your adolescent’s eating habits?
  • Worried about your adolescent’s weight?
  • Saddened that your adolescent will be caught in the dieting trap like you?
  • Confused how to support healthy adolescent growth and development?
  • Overwhelmed with nutrition messages on feeding adolescents?

I understand what you’re going through. I’m here to support and guide you and your adolescent in this sensitive transitioning time. Together, we will work  towards developing a positive relationship with food & body without diets, guilt and shame


Nourish your adolescent with optimal nutrition that supports a positive relationship with food. Gain clarity with accurate and personalized nutrition education. Manage eating difficulties including picky eating, restrictive eating, or dieting ideation, monitor and support proper growth and development, and promote a positive body image.

Dietitian services are covered by many insurance companies. Check your plan to see if you are covered.

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