Parenting doesn’t get easier as kids get older, but there seems to be less support and community as toddlers turn into teens.

If you take a scroll on Instagram for feeding advice, you’ll find A LOT on introducing food to your baby with baby led feeding vs. traditional purees, help with picky toddlers, and lunch box inspiration.

Go through a bookstore or library, and you’ll find very similar results.

 So many of the parents I speak with bemoan the fact that there is so little information geared to parents of tweens and teens. And it’s not because it gets easier!

On the contrary, there are so many more issues at this age that go beyond what to feed your kids. They’re now navigating peer pressure, developing a personal identity, and dealing with social media and cultural ideals. All of these can affect how they feel about and interact with food.

And even though your kids may not admit to it, they’re looking to you for support. They still need your guidance and education. And you deserve the same support and education as parents of younger kids. Your teens & tweens need confident parents who know how to nourish them properly to fuel their growth and develop a good relationship with food and their body.  

That’s what I’ve undertaken to provide in my program Raising Food-Competent Teens & Tweens. I receive a lot of questions from concerned and confused parents. And I’ve noticed that similar questions and the same themes keep coming up. So I’ve taken six of the most common ones and am answering them in comprehensive, weekly, pre-recorded videos you can do on your own time.

They are as follows:

  1. Teen & tween nutritional needs & supporting appropriate growth
  2. Creating successful and stress-free family meals
  3. Addressing and dealing with snacks, candy, and other low-nutrition foods
  4. Nutrition for athletes
  5. Body image development
  6. Combatting diet culture

Each lesson includes background information along with practical tools so you can easily use what you learn. And when things don’t go smoothly, I’ve provided tips and solutions to help you get through that too.

Lessons start dropping this Thursday, April 22. So register now