National Eating Disorder Awareness Week runs annually in February, and I had the opportunity to join Robrenna Redl on her podcast Mama Take Heart to discuss all things eating disorder related.

Firstly, let’s discuss the fact that this came out weeks after ED Awareness Week. In my mind it’s perfectly timed! So many issues get covered one or two times a year and then fade into the background of our minds. The point of these weeks is to raise awareness and lessen stigma around potentially hidden issues.

The more we discuss these topics year-round the less shameful they are, and the more help people can access.

So, no matter when you’re reading this or listening to the podcast, it’s the perfect time!

Listen to the interview now

To start, Robrenna and I discussed what are eating disorders, how they’re similar and different from disordered eating, and some of the (many) warning signs your adolescent may show when struggling with an eating disorder.

We talked about the role social media plays in fueling body dissatisfaction, how it promotes negative beliefs and behaviours around food and normalizes disordered eating and eating disorders.

Shame is a big topic around eating disorders, as eating disorders thrive in secrecy, and people with eating disorders feel shame for their eating behaviours. As such, it’s really important to talk to your kids and teens about eating disorders and bring to light when you notice problematic eating behaviours in your child.

And to finish off, I gave listeners suggestions for preventing eating disorders and supporting adolescents developing a good relationship with their body and all food.

Listen to the interview now