My 15 year old daughter has a morning job as a lifeguard and then goes straight to school. She says she has no appetite to eat breakfast, but she also has no time to eat once she gets to school. What advice can you give her?

Bracha’s Bite:

I remember working as a lifeguard how hungry I would get! It seems like a simple job, but the constant vigilance needed and something about the chlorine-scented air always left me needing major hydration and snacks afterwards.  

Many adolescents find it difficult to eat in the morning, but after hours since they’ve last nourished themselves, it is necessary!

“Breakfast” doesn’t have to include “breakfast food.” It can be any food your adolescent is willing and able to eat! Read this post for quick and easy breakfast ideas that go well beyond the typical cereal and milk options. 

A great suggestion would be to include foods that are high in carbohydrates for quick fuel and protein or fat for longer lasting energy. A snack bar, milk or yogurt drink, or even a slice of pizza fit the bill for a quick boost of energy that can get her started on her day with a splash!