What time is the latest teens should be eating? My 14 year old will often come looking for something to eat as late as 11 pm! She eats a full dinner with the family around seven pm and then does homework or relaxes on her phone. She goes to sleep well after me, so I’m not exactly sure what time it is, but it’s likely after midnight. 

Bracha’s Bite:

Adolescents need to eat at night to fuel their growth. Bodies don’t shut down or stop working at night, and in fact, much of adolescent development happens while they sleep. 

To stay nourished with balanced energy, it’s best to eat every two to four hours. For most adolescents, and your adolescent above, there is that amount of time between dinner and going to sleep. 

However, so it doesn’t interfere with their sleep, it’s generally best to stop eating about thirty minutes before bed. So depending on the time your teen is going to bed, 11 pm may or may not be the right time to be eating. 

Read more about night time snacking, and get some ideas for nourishing and satisfying snack combinations!

Happy snacking and sleeping 🙂