Nutrition counselling



In our 1:1 sessions, you will:

Gain certainty in feeding adolescents to meet their needs

Raise body confident and food positive adolescents who are at their best weight and don’t diet!

Your adolescent’s relationship with food and their body can’t wait. Apply today for an  individualized 3 month package with 2 monthly 1 hour sessions customized to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you work with?
Adolescents & teens aged 8-19
What if my child is younger or older?
While eating concerns can happen at any age, the adolescent ages are unique in being a time of extra growth and nutrition needs while also being susceptible to dieting messages. If your child doesn’t fit into this age range, but is showing signs of concern, we may be a fit, so schedule a call!
Who do you meet with, parents or adolescents?
While this depends on the age and issue, generally, sessions will be with parents for younger adolescents, and with the older adolescent who has greater independence over food choices
My adolescent has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Can you help?
Yes! Dietitians are an important part of the eating disorder care team. I’ve been trained, and receive continuing supervision to continue improving my skills 
Will you put my adolescent on a diet?
No. While dieting is not appropriate for any age, at the adolescent stage it’s especially risky as dieting has been shown to be a cause for eating disorder development. I am a weight-neutral dietitian, meaning I follow the practice that recognizes health is not connected with weight
What is weight neutral care?
It is based on the fundamental belief that health is not related to weight. Nutrition care focuses on addressing beliefs and behaviours that have greater impact on improved well-being, regardless of weight. 
Why are you weight neutral? My adolescent’s doctor said they need to lose weight
Adolescence is a time of growth and development, where weight gain is natural and necessary. As long as they are following their own growth chart, that indicates that their weight is appropriate. Weight is not an indicator of health, and so doesn’t affect nutrition recommendations or sessions
What is a positive relationship with food?
An adolescent with a positive relationship with food doesn’t think about food all the time, doesn’t restrict food, eats in response to hunger, doesn’t have food rules and feels confident about their food choices. 
How long does a package last?
3 months from the date of purchase date